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Here’s what some of our North Hollywood, CA customers are saying about us:

I bought my car here and take it here for maintenance. They've never given me a reason to mistrust them and they work pretty fast.

Daniel GGoogle Reviews

Carlos is the man! He is always HONEST, and gives a darn good price! Love the place!

Stephen HumbertGoogle Reviews

Carlos is one of the few mechanics that will give you honest service and a fair price. He and his crew are knowledgeable and I've faithfully gone to him for years for large and small problems.

Brandon FiredancerGoogle Reviews

This shop is the best! I have been working with Carlos, the owner, for approximately 25 years and cannot say enough about him and his mechanics. They do excellent work and have kept all of my cars driving like new. Carlos and his employees are kind, professional, and very easy to work with. I am always kept up to date with the progress of my car and what needs to be done. There are also fast, usually providing same day service, and are affordable! I will not buy a car unless Affordable Care can work on it! Go there and you will not be disappointed!

Brandon FiredancerYelp Reviews

Carlos is always expert, affordable, considerate and his shop does excellent work. I've been a customer for 12 years and recommend him often.

Dean R.Yelp Reviews

I moved here almost two years ago and was looking for a place to service my car. Carlos is seriously the only person I trust with my car. He is honest and not one of those greedy jerks at usual automotive places. I've had my fair share of 'girl at the dealership doesn't know what is going on' moments and have been screwed over plenty of times and taken advantage of. I was referred to by a coworker, I am so glad I found this place!!
Carlos is so awesome! He is always so friendly and willing to help. I definitely recommended this place. It's right by my house and next to Starbucks so while you're waiting you can get some work done!
Thank you so much Carlos, you guys are awesome.

Paulina N.Yelp Reviews

I've gone to Carlos for my Honda CRV repairs for years. He's always ready to give you a clear and detailed explanation of what needs to be fixed and what he can do. He's quick with an explanation and takes walk ins regularly.
He offers you a fair price for fixing the car, and makes accommodations for getting you to and from your car with his own guys when they are working on it. I've taken my car in to fix the radiator, timing belt, air conditioning, brakes, catalytic converter at various points. My car still runs and runs well. Thanks Carlos and Affordable Care!

Alex C.Yelp Reviews

Nice guys. No BS. Came in because of what I assumed was a suspension problem. Turned out my rotors were warped. Did both front end pads and rotors for 325 and let me use shop tools to fix my bicycle while I waited. I'm an ex mechanic and I don't offer praise easily. I'd sending my ignorant car friends here without pause.

Adam S.Yelp Reviews

Great place to get repairs done. Very affordable and the staff is friendly. Carlos is very knowledgable and fills you in on the process of what he is going to do. I take my bmw 650 and my wife's Lexus for any repairs because he is trustworthy of taking care of my cars. Trust is not earned the first time, but overtime with great care I know he will do the best and most affordable care possible. Give them a chance and you're a customer for life.....

Alan M.Yelp Reviews

In all honesty. I am a complete and utter disappointment when it comes to cars. I love luxurious cars, but when it comes to parts and maintenance I.. I rather not say.
My car was having major problems. Let's start with the brakes SCREEECHHHH. Every time I stepped on the break pedals I felt I was causing my breaks some sort of pain. My oil, the coolant, and just about everything else needed maintenance. ( I won't get too into the terminology cause I will most def. make a fool out of myself.)
So I was actually driving around in NoHo when I felt as if my brakes were going to fall apart. I saw Affordable Care and for once in my life I didn't pull aside on the road with my emergencies on to Yelp the location before stepping in. Carlos and his staff were very friendly and honestly that makes such a big impact on me no matter where I go. The name Affordable Care- Perfect description of their business. They took care of my car and told me I would have needed new brakes if I were to bring the car in any later.
Oh and it was possible my engine could have blow up from the lack of oil and all the other important stuff. I'm so glad I found theses guys. Very honest, reliable and very pleased with their prices and service. Will definitely be back!

Lani L.Yelp Reviews

The last time I went in for an oil change at a Honda dealership, I felt like I was overcharged & was added a service I felt I didn't need. With that said I decided to try affordable care after seeing the rest of the reviews here on yelp. I called in ahead of time and got squeezed in for an appointment that same day even though they where busy, which was nice. 20 minutes for an oil change with a reasonable price, and a very friendly attitude. They didn't try to sell me anything else, and told me everything with my car checked out ok. I'm glad I came here, and will most likely keep coming as they seem trustworthy.

Daniel T.Yelp Reviews

I have a 1997 Toyota Corolla with over 175,000 miles on it. Carlos has been taking care of my car for atleast 4 years now. I'm your typical 'girl' who is clueless about cars and Carlos always explains the problems/procedures/etc to me. He has never taken advantage of my lack of knowledge nor has he overcharge me for anything (I show my bf the invoice).
Carlos and his staff are very helpful and friendly. I also love this place because I can just walk down to Starbucks while I wait for my car to be fixed. There are also other food places around the area which is very convenient.
Once I buy a new car, will most likely purchase a japanese car only cus I already have Carlos as my mechanic and I really don't trust others.
Keep up the great job Carlos and staff.

Im C.Yelp Reviews

Carlos and his staff are the best. Point blank. Honest and hard working. Super friendly. Highly skilled.

Kelly S.Yelp Reviews

Affordable Care is the BEST place you can take your Honda or Acura in the Los Angeles are. Every single review on here stands true because Carlos and his staff are very honest and always so nice and cheerful everytime I'm there. I have been going to him for 3 years now and recently relocated to San Diego, but STILL take my car there to get serviced. I would recommend them all day long for the following reasons:
1. Honest, 2. Nice, 3. knowledgable, 4. Personable, 5. Punctual

Kelly S.Yelp Reviews

I am usually suspect of places that have all or almost all 5-star ratings because it can mean that the reviews are fake. In this instance, however, I'm very pleased to see Affordable Care has gotten mostly 5-star ratings and I know that the reviews have been written by satisfied customers.
I've been taking my car to Carlos at Affordable Care for two years and I would recommend him in a heartbeat, for the following reasons:
1. I trust him completely with my car. I know that he won't ever try to upsell me or scam me. If he says something needs to be fixed right away, it needs to be fixed right away, otherwise he will tell me that something can wait a little while to be fixed. A mechanic you can trust is worth your car's weight in gold.
2. He goes through all of the problems with you and explains in a way that's easy for the car-illiterate to understand.
3. He doesn't overcharge for services. In fact, his prices are lower than anywhere else I've gotten my car checked.
4. He and his staff are exceptionally kind, warm and personable, which makes a HUGE difference. Customer service is so often overlooked, especially when it comes to car maintenance, but at Affordable Care, it's obviously a cornerstone of their business.
I'm grateful to Carlos and his staff for keeping my old Toyota Camry in such good condition. Affordable Care takes the stress out of car maintenance.

Sarah C.Yelp Reviews

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